Plants vs. Zombies Game Android Download

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies Game Android Download
Plants vs. Zombies Game Android Download

About the Game:

Initial release date: May 5, 2009
Series: Plants vs. Zombies
Developer: PopCap Games
Designer: George Fan
Platforms: Android, iOS, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, more
Awards: Golden Joystick Award for Strategy Game of the Year, Golden Joystick Award for Downloadable Game of the Year

Plants vs. Zombies Game Review:

It is always difficult to define what can make the success of a game. You will find without a doubt dozens or even hundreds of very good titles that have not had the success they deserved. Conversely, some rare games make the buzz without one understand the reasons. Plants against Zombies is undeniably to be placed in this second category. This is indeed a totally honest and devilishly addictive tower defense that has been strangely welcomed as the Messiah on PC. The tower defense has the wind in recent times, it has extracted itself from its status of simple mod to invade the net little by little with a multitude of games in Flash and some downloadable tracks. It is now a genre in its own right, a simple rule: you are assaulted by a horde of enemies and you must have troops, traps or defensive towers around the object or Building that you must defend. These games quickly become addictive and are generally much easier to access than a classic strategy title, but in return they also tend to be repetitive. Plants against Zombies responds perfectly to these different criteria, besides the studio which is in charge of developing it is not an unknown in the small world of simple and addictive games, PopCap Games for example charged with Zuma, A title that has certainly already nibbled a bit of your spare time.

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