Pac-Man Game Android Download


Pac-Man Game Android Download
Pac-Man Game Android Download

About the Game:

Initial release date: May 22, 1980
Designer: Toru Iwatani
Series: Pac-Man
Platforms: Arcade game, Android, Nintendo Entertainment System
Developers: Namco, Atari, Interactive Brains, Namco Networks
Publishers: Namco, Atari, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Midway Games

Pac-Man Game Review:

Pac-Man Bounce opens with a short intro introducing Miss Pac Man and some other characters around a birthday cake for Pac-Man, celebrating its 35th anniversary. Lack of bowl for the guests, this good Pac is a thousand leagues away and will have to cross dozens of levels before joining the party. A basic postulate very original, you will agree, which nevertheless perfectly corresponds to the title, given its lack of glaring originality. To move forward, Pac-Man will have to cross different worlds with varied culinary themes (oh, the world of sandwiches, oh, the world of cakes, etc.) subdivided into as many levels. Each level is actually a puzzle that will have to be solved. To do this, you will collect the three stars that are scattered inside, before joining a key that will close the level. Charge the player when planning the Pac-Man course using arrows placed on the field of play and which will advance it in a given direction. It will also be possible to make it meet the walls which enclose the level to play with the angles and to avoid certain obstacles and other phantoms that populate the levels.

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