The Witness Game PC Download

The Witness

The Witness Game PC Download
The Witness Game PC Download

About the Game:

Initial release date: January 26, 2016
Genre: Puzzle video game
Publisher: Thekla Inc.
Director: Jonathan Blow
Developers: Jonathan Blow, Thekla Inc.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, iOS

The Witness Game Review:

Before delving into the bowels of The Witness, linger for a moment on its shape, which demonstrates itself a permanent attention to detail and consistency. If you have followed so slightly changing the game, you will know that The Witness puts you on an island that you belong to explore on your own. Beyond its artistic direction fly high, polygonal course, but terribly inspired and mesmerizing with its bright colors, it is essentially the architecture of the place is breathtaking. The Witness largely compensates its small size by an astounding density and a variety of environments that we do not suspect at first. It’s simple, contenting you to walk around with an eye observer strand, you will see the regularly stolen trails, hidden bunkers and hidden paths. In surveying them and without realizing it, you will spend an atmosphere to another: forest with fall colors, arid desert, beach, bamboo jungle or snowy peaks … the amount of things to see and cohesion General of the whole dizzying and undoubtedly commands respect, in short, let us not mince words, the Witness is a jewel of design level, the kind one sees all too rarely in industry .

The Witness Game System Requirements:

CPU: Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz OR Better

RAM (Memory): 4 GB OR Better

Operating System: Windows Seven 32 bit

Video Graphic Card Memory: 1 GB OR Better with latest drivers

Hard Disk Space: 4 GB free OR More

Recommended Software’s:

Microsoft visual C++ 2005
Microsoft visual C++ 2008
Microsoft visual C++ 2010
Microsoft visual C++ 2012
Microsoft visual C++ 2013
Microsoft net .framework with Latest Version

The Witness Game Wallpapers:

The Witness Game PC Download

The Witness Game PC Download

The Witness Game PC Download

The Witness Game PC Download

The Witness Game PC Download

Download The Witness For PC:

If you want to download The Witness then click on the below link to download The Witness:
Download The Witness Game PC

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