Battlefield 3 PC Download

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 PC Download
Battlefield 3 PC Download

About the Game:

Initial release date: September 20, 2011
Series: Gears of War
Developer: Epic Games
Designer: Cliff Bleszinski
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
Publishers: Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Studios

Battlefield 3 Game Review:

While DICE may not deliver a memorable story here, it doesn’t need to when Battlefield 3’s online warfare raises every bar imaginable, delivering one of the best multiplayer experiences of the year. I doubt Battlefield purists will complain much about the campaign, honestly; I know you’re enlisting in this battle to bring down entire armies online.From the beaches of Kharg Island to the hills of Damavand Peak, Battlefield 3’s multiplayer maps provide an immediate sense of scale. Everything about their design screams size, personalization, and the need to take creative initiative to succeed. Choose to pop headshots from the prone position, spin barrel rolls in a jet outfitted with personal unlocks, or see how many dog tags you can knife from your opponents; Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is about the freedom of choice.

The online fight feels like a geography lesson (in a good way). Depending on the game mode, each map utilizes a different area or shifts wider and wider as gameplay progresses. You might not see half of a map like Caspian Border or Seine Crossing during your first few Rush matches. Yes, certain areas feel empty and repeated map elements like shipping crates conjure deja vu, but the sense of scope is exhilarating. Where many online shooters teach you the nooks and crannies of every map, Battlefield 3 is a wide sandbox that encourages variety and exploration. Battlefield 3 shines in matches with 63 other players, where every bullet has a new enemy’s name on it.Battlefield 3’s rewards and progression will keep you coming back to its online rumble for a long time. From adding heat-seeking missiles to an Anti-Aircraft Tank to simply changing camouflage, there’s always a carrot dangling just out of reach — if you can wrangle the score to earn it. While the newly implemented Team Deathmatch modes encourage high kills and low deaths, Battlefield remains a team-based game where you can sit atop the scoreboard no matter how many times you’ve died. Heal an injured teammate, resupply a sniper, or make sure a tank gets fixed up, Battlefield is about working towards the greater good and it’s just as refreshing now as it was in 2002 — all while looking outstanding on PC.

Battlefield 3 Game System Requirements:

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz OR Better

RAM (Memory): 2 GB OR Better

Operating System: Windows Vista 32 bit

Video Graphic Card Memory: 512 MB OR Better with latest drivers

Hard Disk Space: 20 GB free OR More

Recommended Software’s:

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Microsoft visual C++ 2010
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Microsoft net .framework with Latest Version

Battlefield 3 Game Wallpapers:











Download Battlefield 3 For PC:

If you want to download Battlefield 3 then click on the below link to download Battlefield 3
Download Battlefield 3 Game PC

Download Battlefield 3 For PS3:

If you want to download Battlefield 3 then click on the below link to download Battlefield 3
Download Battlefield 3 Game PS3

Download Battlefield 3 For Xbox 360:

If you want to download Battlefield 3 then click on the below link to download Battlefield 3
Download Battlefield 3 Game Xbox 360

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